Freelance Talk 2/2/2019

Persistence is the lesson to be learned this week.

Not because I got any major results from any one project or anything, but precisely because I didn’t. Things are much the same: doing jobs that I can, working for clients that will take my effort. That’s good. The serial and this blog are getting really minor traffic, but that’s to be expected given how young they both are. I started a sci-fi space-opera epic, which is going to be my best work yet, I think.

And you know what? I’m honestly okay that this week came and went. I met my goals. I gave my effort. Everything is okay. That’s okay. I think it’s tempting to be caught up in the ultimate goal of all this work, see that I’m not there, and fall into disappointment. That’s the wrong attitude to have.

So long as I’m working, I can be proud of each day and go to sleep satisfied with myself. Took me twenty-five years to learn, fully, in the way that I’ve learned it now, but ah well. Could’ve taken forty years, I suppose.

What’s more on my mind are blog posts. I want to write more of them, but I can’t seem to come up with article ideas that haven’t already been written somewhere else on the internet. Well, that’s not entirely accurate: everything’s been written on the internet, so trying for something totally unique is a waste of time. But I’m unable to come up with blog topics that haven’t been beaten to death in one way or another.

Part of the reason I started this blog and the serial were to increase my online presence, my “opinion and likes” portfolio, if you will. I mean, if I ever apply to write for a movie critique website, I’ll be able to point to these sites and say, “See? I already do it for fun! Let me do it for money too, pleaseandthankyou”.

But I’ve got to carve out some sort of niche or topic that’s less treaded-upon. Full-form reviews are out. I like the Plot Point idea, and I’ll continue it as soon as I see them in my day-to-day reading and watching. But I’ve got to come up with something else and for the life of me I can’t figure it out!

I’ve even tried thinking of it as I fall to sleep; that move is a cool subconscious trick that’s helped me figure out plot tangles before. Let the brain focus on the problem while I go about my day or my sleep, that sort of thing. Except it hasn’t worked for coming up with blog series ideas.

Maybe I’ll just write defenses or attacks on characters? That would be a good way to stir up controversy. Most of all, I don’t want to become like CinemaSins on youtube or other critical websites where all they do is complain. The internet should be used more for spreading joy and appreciation for fiction than the reverse, which sadly seems to be the case in reality. Maybe I’ll start there. Positive posts? A blog about great things in fiction, instead of bad things?

Yeah. That’s a start. I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow about something positive.

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