Freelance Talk 1/19/19

Week Two is almost done. Just have to finish tomorrow’s assignments, then I’ll be at my weekend.

It was a good week! I settled into a nice routine and have a good gig going (3 gee’s in a row, nice) with a steady client. I haven’t had to return to Textbroker in some time. That is a great thing. So with finances in place and, for the foreseeable future, relatively reliable, this next week I can focus on expanding my contacts and trying to get jobs of a different variety. Try to add various things to the portfolio, etc.

I need to update my picture for my many profiles this weekend and I keep forgetting. Right now it looks awful but I have a feeling that I’ll dislike any photo I take of myself. Ah well.

In more interesting news, my serial came out this week and I’ve got a few chapters ready to go in advance. That’s nice, since sometimes I’m sure life or money-focused work will come along and demand more attention. So far it’s gotten a decent amount of views for a random web-serial hardly anyone knows about. I’m proud of the first chapter and the way the writing is currently going. I really, truly think it’ll be a cool little story once it’s finished.

Honestly, week two has so far confirmed that I should have done this some time ago. Maybe I just needed to grow disappointed enough with my path to actually kick the conditioning. It’s definitely still a bit scary here and there, without an actual “job” or benefits or the like. But I think I made the right choice. Every time I get to sit down and actually produce creative writing reinforces it. Before, I came home from work and just… had no energy. No real will to do anything but vegetate and play video games.

Now? Now I write about 10,000 words a day between work and the serial, and I love it. I’m just swimming in the story and ideas for another epic I’m working on in the sidelines and it’s great. A few coworkers even said I look happier than I did before.

I’m very glad week one wasn’t a fluke. If I make it to week three with the same attitude I can call it a pattern.

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